Corset Styles

Corsets come in many styles Overbust Corsets, Underbust Corsets, Steel Boned Corsets, Fashion Corsets, and many others. Depend on corset style you will be able create a different look every time when you implement it with your word rob. Wear your corsets every day will help you to create an elegant & feminine look. Corsets are great part of women clothing that bring drama to any outfit.

Corsets for Curves: Victorian Style Corsets

Victorian Corsets Past and PresentVictorian Corsets: Past and Present

Victorian-style Overbust Corsets have come a long way. From being incredibly restrictive and uncomfortable to wear due to the corset structure and material used, to the most popular and relatively comfortable to wear as part of your outfit today. The most common corset design in 18th century was based on stiff lining fabric and wood or whalebones that have been used as a corset skeleton to create a garment that secured entire woman figure to achieved desired figure form. Innovative, high-quality steel boned corsets are in fashion worldwide. Commonly made of Spiral, Flat Steel, or combination of both to create more flexible yet rigid shape where it is needed. Garments can often be used for waist training (long-term process of permanently altering figure to desired shape).

Victorian Corsets and Fashion

The popularity of Victorian-style corsets in fashion has increased dramatically and is loved by designers and women today more than ever. Every woman loves the moment when she can change her appearance from elegant to sexy or from exotic to naughty with snap of a finger just by coordinating different style corsets and accessories with the outfit.

I will give you just few examples

Emerald Silk Underbust Exotic Corset [FS-18]

Emerald Silk Underbust Exotic Corset

The most exotic is a peacock bird Authentic Emerald Green Underbust Corset Steel Boned Corset made of Emerald Green with Gold & Silver Silk will create an image and fantasies of an exotic tropical woman.

Purple Iridescent Overbust Corset [A-S53]

Purple Iridescent Silk Overbust Corset

To create most impressive an elegant and stunning look use combination of electric Purple Iridescent Overbust Corset and laces. Classic lace top and more contemporary iridescent corset’s fabric will give passionate, romantic look with a spark of heat.

Dangerous Sexy Ruby Underbust Lace up Corset [TUB-200]

Dangerous Sexy Ruby Lace up Corset

Enjoy dangerous and sexy curves created by Ruby Underbust Lace up Corset. Dress up in this Authentic Steel Boned Lace up Corset for a burlesque evening, night out, or Halloween Parties. If you want more attention to your waist line wear pencil skirts and high heels with this corset. For more intimate setting, pair this up with Tutu skirt or sexy lingerie.

Sweetheart Shaped Steampunk Gothic Overbust Corset [CD-237]

Sweetheart Shaped Steampunk Gothic Overbust Corset

A great way to make a statement and create most unique and mysterious look is dress in Gothic corset. By wearing skirts in fabric or leather, long or short adding bold necklaces, clips, and high heel shoes or boots you may easy create new exciting look every time.


Corets for Curves: How to Choose Overbust Corset Part 2

How to Choose an Overbust Corset for Banana or Pear Shape Figure

 Female Body Shape

We have already established the primary reason for wearing a corset is to master your body and shape it to be the most attractive silhouette; as well as to make it appear slimmer and more proportional, while achieving the wonderful hourglass form. I would like to bring your attention to some of the most important reasons why and how you will choose an overbust corset.

  1. Overbust corset will be your choice if you want to achieve a continual  and flawless silhouette from the bust area down to your hips and create an illusion of a longer torso. In this situation, an overbust corset that reaches the middle of your hips or below is the best choice and more appropriate than the one that just reaches the hips.

best overbust corset  for banana or pear shape body type women

           Regular length Overbust corset vs Long Line corset

Remember! When you tighten up you corset some of your extra fat that you might have in your stomach area will be compressed and will be pushed down below the corset line, creating an extra heavy look. Longer line corsets will help you camouflage and make this problem less visible.

2. You also need to remember that an overbust will cover, shape, and support the bust. Properly chosen corset can benefit fuller figured women as well as slim body shapes, but will have different effects. Regular overbust corsets that are made for an average type figure with cup sizes A to C will benefit most banana and pear shape figures. By compressing the waist area, it will help you create curves, as well as killer cleavage by pushing up your bust and visually increasing your bust size at least one size, and creating an appearance of fuller size bust that you never had before. Straight line corsets are not constructed to accommodate a larger size bust, from D to DDD. By pushing and lifting a large bust they will create an oversize effect. In this situation, I will recommend choosing corsets with sweetheart style top that will give you more bust coverage and create a more appealing look.

Two different looks for ladies with larger bust size

  Two different looks for ladies with larger bust size

Conclusion: Overbust corsets are an ideal choice for all body types and they are also perfect for daily formal or informal wear.  You have endless choices, so pick the right one that will fit you perfectly.

For all of you who are still skeptical about wearing a corset every day, I would like to share this video as proof of the amazing results you can achieve by wearing a corset. Just try and you will love it!

Corsets for Curves: Overbust Corsets for Your Outfit Part 1

                                 Why Women of all Ages Love to Wear Corsets? woman in steel boned corsets

Corsets as a garment have been used by women for centuries as the ultimate tool to reconfigure their body shape to a more desirable feminine silhouette and to enhance natural curves. From the moment you tighten your laces you will instantly fell slimmer and happier about your appearance.
High Quality Overbust Corsets offers unique design with steel boning and tight lacing that will cinch your body and shape your silhouette to hourglass shape.
Do to the high demand, professional high-quality  corsets now offers in a variety of colors, styles, material, and sizes.
Classic Overbust Corsets are perfect for everyday wear; usually they are constructed with 8 to 12 steel bones with much less body restriction than waist cinchers, but still help create elegant & feminine look with relative comfort, even when worn for long hours. Authentic, high quality overbust steel boned corsets helps to form, shape, and enhance your natural curves. They can be easily incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. Overbust corsets are also great for special occasions, and look very nice paired with a stylish jacket and dress trousers or skirt. The primary benefits of wearing a overbust corset is the way it reduces the size of your waist, helps your hips appear fuller, and improve your posture.Different corset style can also improve appearance of your bust to emphasize it and make it look bigger or smaller.

How to Choose Overbust Corset

When you choose your corset you should take into consideration 3 important aspects:
1. Your body type
2. How you will wear your corset
3. The event
We will discuss these aspects in details in following blogs but for quick preview I will give you few examples:Female Body Shape

Your Body Type
Every woman has unique body shape but in general we divide them in four shapes:
1. Apple or V shape
2. Banana, straight or I shape
3. Pear or A shape
4. Hourglass or X shape

Overbust Corsets with solid colors and sweetheart neckline are great for women with apple body shapeOverbust Corsets with solid colors and sweetheart neckline

and they are easy to coordinate with other colors.

By choosing darker colors, you will create a slimmer

waistline and create an illusion of longer torso.

Overbust Corsets as Undergarment

Overbust Corset Bustier as UndergarmentIf you are planning to wear your corset as an undergarment, you need to take into consideration the structure of your overbust.

Waist cincher corsets will give you the best result in molding your figure, but most of the time this type has a heavier structure

such as 2-4 layers of fabric, steel boning, and tight lacing to insure that they are built to last and not all of them are your best

choice if you like to wear tight or fitting clothing. In this situation I would go with bustier.

Overbust Corsets for an Event

Bridal Corset Pantsuits Corsets have made a comeback. They are back in style and have become very popular. Women love to wear corsets as part of the outfit in a two piece dress.
Skirts with corsets are highly popular because of their versatility and capability to give women the desired look of a perfect figure.
Two piece outfits are perfect for parties, full of elegance and even fit better than classic one piece corset style dresses. For example:
Overbust Corsets are perfect for weddings. Two-piece outfits have become a very popular alternative to the classic wedding gown.
White, pink, blue and ivory colors are perfect choice for Wedding ceremony.

Resources for Overbust Corsets for Your Outfit Part 1 blog:

Corsets for Curves: Corsets for Dangerous Curves

Corsets for Dangerous CurvesFor every woman who dreams about sexy curves, lovely hips, and beautiful bust corsets are the right way to go. For centuries curvy women look beautiful in men’s yeas and inspired artists to create there masterpieces to celebrate curvy forms of women’s body as etalon of beauty. Even then corsets played a great deal in women’s garment to help them create illusion of narrow waists, wide hips and bigger breasts. Why not to follow this great tradition and used these beautiful garments to create a seductive and stylish look for every day and any special occasions?

Red Sequin & Feather Black Satin Couture Corset [CD-242]

Red Sequin and Feather Black Satin Couture Corset

This tight fitting authentic corset in high quality satin offers breathtaking classic Victorian silhouette, overbust style, beautiful lift, lace up back and steel boning. Great center piece for any special event when pair with long black or red skirt.

Authentic Brown Leather Gothic Steampunk Corset [is-35]

Authentic Brown Leather Gothic Steampunk Corset

This Corset is a Classic with a twist Handcrafted Authentic Brown leather corset designed with front bust, lacing, buckles, & chains. Gothic Style steel boned corset offers black leather details. Look great with leather skirt or pants. Defiantly is a centerpiece of any steampunk outfit.

Steel Boned Avant Garde Magenta Underbust Corset [T-09]

Steel Boned Magenta Underbust Corset

Royal color, Underbust Corset, style will bring glamour to any outfit. Luxurious taffeta fabric with decorative rosette detail, tight lacing, and steel boned construction make this corset a winner in any competition. Will look great over classic black dress to create one-of-a-kind stylish look.

Sexy Black & Magenta Lace up Corset [EB-17004]

Sexy Black & Magenta Lace up Corset [EB-17004]

Lace up and feel sexy in our Black & Magenta Satin Lace up Corset with steel boning, lace up back and straight bust line. This overbust corset will complement your figure and can easy dress up or down with a sleek suit or a pair of jeans.

Authentic Overbust Lace up Burlesque Silver Corset [MY-007]

Authentic Overbust Lace up Burlesque Silver Corset [MY-007]

Totally gorgeous Vintage Burlesque Silver Stripe Lace up Corset is a complete show stopper. This Authentic steel boned vintage style overbust lace up corset offers sweetheart neckline that instantly enhances the bust, classic style of the bottom hem highlight the feminine form. Great outwear corset for ladies with long torso.

Authentic Steel Boned Lace up Corsets

Rouge Satin Overbust Steel Boned Lace up CorsetWhen you are looking for good quality corset and you want to achieve a perfect hourglass shape, look sexy and completely pull together I will defiantly recommend look for Authentic Steel Boned Lace up Corsets.

I am personally love designer corsets that always give you an on-of-a-kind look. You probably shaking your head now and thinking that couture corsets come with a very high price tag… Let me surprise you that price tag on our Authentic Corsets are very affordable.

I am talking now about corsets that designed to make you look slimmer and add timeless elegant look. All Authentic corsets are made from hand cut pattern with authentic steel boning, tight lacing, and offers beautiful unique design to give you perfect hourglass shape that every women wants. All Authentic corsets that we sell are made by hand, with the finest materials on the market and the best workmanship. When a corsets are handmade by highly skilled corsetieres in overage it will take up to 14 hours to lovingly tailor your garment.

You might be able to find less expensive corsets at other locations, but mass produce corset will not have the exquisite details, expert workmanship and same quality. Authentic corsets will provide a great deal back support, improve your posture, may be use to help with weight loss, and definitely will help you to obtain a more hourglass figure with reducing your waist line up to 4-6 inches.