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Corset is wonderful tool to moderate your figure, lift your bust, accentuate your waistline and create very appealing appearance that many women wanted. After you purchased new corset it is important to learn how to lace it up, take care and protect your corset, and wear it. We will provide you with simple tips and information that will help you to get full benefits and enjoy your corset every time you wear it.

Best Corset For Plus Size Women: Corsets for Curves

How to Choose the Right Corset Style for Waist Reduction?

Best Waist Reducing Corsets

Many customers looking to buy a good corset for waist reduction often have questions on how to choose the right corset? Plus Size Fantasies shopping expert give a simple answer “the corset style you should buy will depend on your own preferences…” If you are looking to make dramatic changes to your body shape and waist size, you should definitely go with waist training corset style that what will allow you slowly reduce your waist up to 6-8 inches in size and achieve an hourglass figure with the most feminine silhouette you can dream of.

I don’t want to get too technical with details, but you need to know few very important things when you are looking for a quality waist training corset:

  • Good structure makes a corset stable and sturdy

Good structure makes a corset stable and sturdySteel bone used in corset makes it stable and study. Flat steel bones gives best shape and stability on the busk and round steel grommets, and spiral steel bones give you that curvy flexible waist nipping effect and ensure best comfort.

Best Steel Boned Corset Structure for Waist Training

Reinforced steel eyelets boned on either side of the back secure and provide tight lacing ability of the corset and add stability to the structure. However, steel boned 1 inch wide metal busk waist tape must be also present to provide curvy shape.

  • High Quality material makes corset last for years and ensure tight lacing ability for cinching

Taffeta Waist Training Corset  with  100% Cotton Twill Lining1. High quality materials and a waist tape visible or concealed should be present to stabilize the waist, prevent corset from slip up, and create shape memory for your body to prevent shape loss after you break-in your corset and start tight lacing.

2. Strong cord or ribbon must be use for serious cinching so you can pull on the loops that are at your natural waist to tighten your corset especially round the waist.

3. Only natural fibers should be used on Inner Lining layer closest to your skin to let your skin breath and avoid skin rush.

  • Waist Training Corset Styles

In general we all more familiar with two corsets’ style that used for waist training: Over or under bust.

Blue Taffeta Overbust Waist Training Corset Top



Blue Taffeta Waist Training Corset [WTOB] is a perfect example of body shaper corset in overbust style that lifts and supports the bust, draws in waist, and flattens tummy. It has all necessary attributes for successful waist training and achieving a desired body shape by reducing waist size up to 8 inches over the time if desire. This corset is great as external garment for every day wear and beautiful enough to be use for special occasions.

Black Taffeta Waist Training Underbust Corset


Black Taffeta Waist Training Underbust Corset [WTUB-1017] is a classic example of tight lacing corset that more practical for every day wear or for creating breath-taking evening look when used as a part of any outfit. The underbust style corsets will cinch your waist easy than overbust and give smooth body lines , flat tummy, and create curvy sexy body shape we all love.

However, with so many corsets on the market any style of corset can be used for waist training , although some styles are more popular and suitable than others as ling as they offer everything else that we already discuss above.

Conclusion: Only combination of good structure and material gives to corset unique blend of comfort, style and beauty.


Corsets for Halloween Costumes

Halloween time is my favorite. I love all holidays but there is something very exciting about Halloween Holidays. We all love this magnificent evening that gives us a chance to let our fantasies run wild with costumes we wear.

Corsets are great for creating a Halloween Costumes and with little creativity and little time to invest you may create a great costume that will perfectly reflect your personality.

I would love to shear my passion for corsets with you and show you some Corset Costumes that you may love to wear this Halloween.

White Satin Victorian Corset with Ruffle Trim [la819-2]

White Satin Victorian Corset with Ruffle Trim

This overbust staples corset lingerie offers Victorian style bustling upfront and much shorter line at the back to show off your sexy curves. To create an elegant Burlesque Style Corset Dress costume just add Tutu skirt and accessories.

Moulin Rouge Corset Skirt Dresses

Sexy Bustier Corset w/ Satin Red Bow [LA079]

Sexy Bustier Corset with Satin Red Bow

This gorgeous Corset Bustier with boning, hook eye closure, satin red bows on bodice and on the top beautifully incorporated with delicate laces. By adding some embellishment and a few accessories like long gloves, hat, and skirt it can become an elegant Burlesque style corset costume that great for any costume parties.

Elegant Burlesque Style Corset Costume

Authentic Victorian Red Rose Taffeta Strapless Overbust Corset [A-T02]

Authentic Victorian Red Rose Overbust Corset

This Authentic Victorian Red Rose Taffeta Corset is an ideal corset for you to follow the fashion style. It is a perfect corset for Goth style corset costume that will give you a slim silhouette and shape your body in a second. A little black dress dark makeup and bold jewelry necklace will make it perfect for Vampire or Witch Halloween costume.

Perfect Gothic Party Dresses for Halloween

This is just a few costume ideas that might help you create your own costume for Halloween parties and I hope that you will shear them with us by sending us a pictures and costume description.

Corsets for Curves: Four Shopping Tips How to Buy a Corset

When buying new corset the challenge is to show your personality and who you are. I hope that these four shopping tips will guide you to make a right decision and be confident about your choice.

1. Choose colors that are flattering and sexy. You may successfully show your best features by properly choosing color of corset to bring attention to your skin tone. For women who like patterns and bright colors, my advice is to use them in moderation. The challenge is to create sophisticated, adorning, sexy, and tasteful look.

2.The right corset style is very important also. Underbust corsets are the best and most versatile style for every day. These corsets are easy co cooperate to your word rob, coordinate colors, and they are definitely perfect for creating elegant & feminine look. Overbust corsets are great for special occasions they will reduce the size of your waist making your hips appear fuller and improve your posture. Vertical boning and long line on the corset will create the illusion that you are taller and ultimately slimmer. A corset teamed with a skirt as a part of your outfit is easy to bring drama to your look.

3. You need to work on your image in order to create a sophisticated and elegant look without going overboard. The challenge is to create adorning, sexy, and tasteful look.

4. Always remember that steel boned corsets are the best to show of your flattering curves in the best possible way, help reduce pain and discomfort related to skeletal and muscular conditions; women who have large busts find it easy to relieve back pain by wearing corsets every day. In today market corsets available in all colors and shades from classic black racy red to elegant white. Choose from best fabrics available on the market such as silk, satin, brocade, lace, taffeta and more. Buy your corset today at