Brown Underbust Corset with Straps and Faux Leather [CT-9510]

Brown Underbust Corset with Straps and Faux LeatherSteampunk style underbust steel boned corset with faux leather shoulder straps that cross in the back, metal buckle closure, and tight back lacing. This corset offers reach brown tone on tone beautifully designed brocade fabric that perfectly accented by matching color faux leather. The front panel offers unique image of steampunk watch that surrounded on both sides with popular at that historical time period swing clips closures located on faux leather straps. This corset can be a real show-stopper when worn over your favorite top and can be ideal as a steampunk fashion costume.

Brown Underbust Corset with Straps and Faux Leather
Product Details:
• Front length: 11 inches (28 cm)
• Underbust to Bottom Length: 9 inches (23 cm)
• Side Length: 9 inches (23 cm)
• Back Length: 11.5 inches (29.5 cm)
• Flat Steel Bone: 14 Piece powder coated flat steel bones.
• Front Opening
• Embroidery Steampunk Watch On The Front Panel
• Shoulder strap.
• Lacing: It has 8 meter long polyester lace which is help to make tight lacing the corset.
• Grommets: At the back side 12X 2 = 24 total.
• Panels: It has 12 panels in total (6 panels on each part)
• Modesty panel: 7-8 inches wide with an option to hide or show your skin
• Upper Fabric layer: Shell fabric, Sharp Shining 100% Polyester Brocade
• Inner Lining Fabric: 100% cotton which is fused with another layer of thin cotton for strength.
• Waist tape: 1 inch wide satin waist tape is used & is invisible for perfect grip and hold.
• Suspender loops: 6 suspender loops at the bottom.
• Bone casing: All bones are placed under 100% COTTON casing for extra strength.


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